I thought it would be helpful to create a tools page that you can reference at any time for all the items I recommend, may use personally and advise clients. I will update as I ad or delete tools and services, so make sure you bookmark this page!

Recommended Products

Cool Greeting Cards

For your business of personal use, including gifts all sent from your phone! Try it for FREE!

SendCool.Cards for your business communications, marketing and customer follow-up. Create customized cards that include photos, your company brand and logo.

Password Manager

The world’s best password manager secure digital wallet. Keep track of your passwords. Automatically log in on every website and every device.


Get 20% off an annual

Automatic detection. One-swipe classification. Mileage logging has never been easier!



Enhance your daily productivity and effectiveness with your personal Apple Mail assistant.

Tasks: Mark your emails as to-do items to never forget about important tasks again.

Snooze: By snoozing an email you will temporarily make it disappear out of your Inbox.

Tracking: Let you know if the recipient has actually opened your email.

Scheduling: Schedule your emails to be sent at a specific date and time in the future.

Essential Features: Cloud Upload, Undo Send, Attachment Reminder, Direct Inbox, Emojis and many more.

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