Receive Guidance, Access to Resources & Introductions to Connections.

So you want to get some of my insight and advise? No worries. I’m here to help! Whether you need guidance on developing your unique brand, formulating a marketing strategy (online/offline) around your brand, develop a sales process to coincide with your brand/marketing message that shortens the sales cycle and how to elevate your existing clients into brand fans! Book your  meeting with me today. Your investment is only $250 and includes:

  • 15-minute introductory phone conversation (24-48 hours before booked meeting)
  • 60-minute face-to-face meeting or video conference
  • Detailed email recap of meeting as well a list of resources/contacts to connect with for next steps within 72 hours.

So are you ready to gain clarity and get answers? If so, fill out the form below. A follow up email will be sent to confirm date and time and include a link to secure consultation fee.

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