6 Tips to Elevate Your Personal Brand in 2017

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Having a Personal Brand today is just as critical, in fact, it might be even more important than your Business Brand.

Today, Consumers want to hear your story, the person behind the business – the failures, struggles and the success. Once people know who you are and begin to identify you with a specific area of knowledge, overtime, you’ll become the go-to person in your niche or industry.

So, the questions you may be asking yourself are:

  • How do I become more recognized?
  • How do I build my authority and my following?

1. Be Visible and Authentic

You need to get out and make yourself visible. That means attending industry conferences, national and local networking events, even if it’s just to network and socialize, you’ll start getting known. Make sure that your social media profiles reflect who you are and what you want people to know you as… becomes your brand. The more visible, engaging and accessible you make yourself, the stronger your personal brand becomes.

2. Networking

When networking, don’t fall into the trap of doing it the wrong way… Many people focus on their own needs and personal benefit. Thus, they typically ignore the needs and wants of the other person. Instead focus on a bi-directional benefit when networking. Look at ways you can serve, guide, connect and genuinely enhance the other person’s experience having met you.

Most importantly is the follow-up (they say the fortune is in the follow-up). You’ll want to follow-up with everyone you met at the networking event. Yes, even if they’re not interested in what you offer. The reality is, everyone has a circle of about 250 connections. So, even though this individual may not be interested it what you offer, by connecting with them, they’ll learn more about you and your offering. This may lead to possible connections within their network, which you would have never gotten access too!

3. Online Presence

Make sure your social media profiles are fully completed with all your information. Are your profiles positioning you as an authority? Do they make you look professional?

Do you have a personal website for your personal brand? One of the best way to be found in search and rank for your name, is building a personal website. This gives you more leverage over your online presence that simply social media. It also, significantly helps you look more professional. You should update your site at least once a month at a minimum. You can get one year of hosting and a free domain name (1st year) with this GoDaddy Coupon for about $13.00 (1st year). So, don’t delay… get it done! I suggest buying your own name if you can.

You’ll want to Google yourself regularly to see how you’re ranking, how others are perceiving you, etc.

4. Industry Knowledge

Today, things are always changing and at faster rate than ever before. So no matter how well you know your industry, it important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, breaking news and your competition. It’s also important to learn new things, develop new skills, and to expand your knowledge. In doing so, helps to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, elevating your personal brand to a higher level.

5. Write Articles

Writing leadership articles on your subject matter, helps establish credibility and positions you as an authority. You can start out writing a weekly blog on your website and using proper tools & apps, you can have that article post automatically to your social media sites at the same time. This gives you and maximum exposure effortlessly. Once we get a momentum going, you’ll want to post those articles to various article sites. Then you’ll want to look to make connections with media, online publishers and publications. Though this can be quite challenging, every outlet you build a connection with, becomes a powerful way to show that you know you’re talking about and increases your brand authority.

Additionally, on social media, it’s also very important to interact with others and share their content. In doing so, they’ll reciprocate and share your content, giving you more exposure.

6. Speaking & Interviews

They, say speaking can be the most daunting experiences, especially if you’ve never done it before… However, if you want to build your brand, you’ll want to speak as often as you can. To overcome your speaking phobia, I suggest joining a Toast Master’s group to overcome your apprehension of public speaking and develop your communications skills.

To stand out from the crowd of others, you need to speak from a place of knowledge and demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about. Also, when answering questions, make sure you answer them in a way that serves your audience.

Speaking presents opportunities to be seen and heard. Start with small groups, and keep building and you’ll begin building your following and get invited to speak at bigger, more notable events and conferences. Make sure that you offer the greatest amount of value you possibly can every time you speak at an engagement.

Like speaking, interviews are just a valuable because they position you as the authority on the subject matter. Therefore, doing an interview is beneficial to expand your credibility and brand.

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