Frederick Dudek leverages 30+ years of Global Sales & Marketing experience to advise you the Entrepreneur or Small Business owner, on clever, cost-effective ways to maximize Business Relationship Marketing.

His methods will elevate your Tribe into Raving Brand Fans that Explode Your Business!

Get Guidance on…

  • Define Your Uniqueness
  • Make You Stand Out
  • Reasons to Pick You
  • Stick in Their Minds
  • Develop your Marketing Strategy
  • Attraction Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Track Data & Adjust Appropriately
  • Implement Follow-up strategies
  • Stop Selling & Get Them to Buy
  • Shorten Your sales cycle
  • Increase Your close ratio
Client Advocates
  • Post Sale Customer Engagement
  • Enrich Customer Relationships
  • Elevate Customers info Brand Fans
  • Brand Fans attract NEW Customers
  • "Frederick Dudek met with my team of Realtors on several occasions to introduce and implement various online and offline marketing strategies. With so many licensed Realtors out there, it is important to create one's unique brand. Frederick not only helped us brainstorm ways to stand out, but he provided us with useful marketing strategies and tools to advertise our uniqueness to potential clients. In addition, Frederick introduced tools to my team for maintaining past relationships in a non time consuming manner. Frederick's presentations were clear and passion for the topic was evident. He also makes sure that ideas are implemented, not just talked about. Frederick took the time to follow up with each of my agents to see if they needed assistance in setting up any of the several tools introduced to them. I highly recommend Frederick for any professional that is looking to simplify their marketing and communication systems.“ 

    Janis Degregory JD & Associates | Broker/Owner

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?

Continuously providing creative, effective and results-focused guidance that makes you money!


Frederick works with a variety of business professionals and starts by understanding, where you are currently, your day-to-day challenges and where you’d like to be.


Upon an understanding of your business state,  Frederick will work with you to develop a roadmap to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals quickly.


Frederick will work with you in a hands-on partnership by providing guidance, recommend resources and tools that will help you leverage your time, along with the assistance necessary to help you successfully achieve your desired objectives.

67 FREE Topmost Tools & Apps Guide that BOOSTS your Brand, Marketing, $ales & Client Retention!

First Name
  • Frederick is a dynamic leader with great sales ideas and excellent people skills. He is a down-to-earth, no-nonsense professional (what you see is what you get). I admire the consistency of his enthusiasm, energy, and can-do attitude. He willingly helps others to learn what they need to know and inspires people to achieve their goals. I heartily recommend Frederick to anyone who wants to hire or follow a first-rate sales leader.

    Joseph Gabriel Operations Strategist & Consultant
  • Frederick has always guided us in the right direction in the past. The last couple of years we've worked with someone else who unfortunately promised many things, but under delivered. Recently we requested Frederick's assistance. He flew in from the Midwest and spend several days assessing our operation, objectives and future goals. He worked with us to develop a new online marketing strategy, by refreshing our near 40 year brand. He re-designed a clean and professional looking website that incorporates eCommerce and enables us to market nationally through improved SEO. He's also helped us create some product packaging that will appeal to a larger market. Since hour one of Frederick working with us, we experienced an increase in activity and energy that we thought was impossible. Thank you so much Frederick!

    Bart Carle Camera Operator, Editor - Final Cut
  • Frederick has helped increase my business sales and referrals by 20% in a short 3 month period. He stays on top of the plan that he has put together for your business. If you want results quick and easy, you must contact Frederick.

    Luke Shafer Agency Owner at American Family Insurance
  • Frederick has done a great job generating hands-on marketing ideas that have given my chiropractic practice the ability to grow and reach a larger demographic in my company's neighborhood. He was always great to work with, was on time and professional, and gave great feedback to new ideas. I continue to work with Frederick and would highly recommend him for any business looking to change the way they think about marketing.

    Brain Marion Owner- Lincoln Park Chiropractic LLC
  • Frederick brings a lot to the table. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge from a marketing background. He is professional and patient working with other businesses. Frederick is the type that is always looking for opportunities in not only his work but others as well. Your business will only prosper working with Frederick.

    Butch Zemar Healthcare Reform Specialist, Employee Benefits Consultant, and Health Insurance Broker
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